Paasha Mani

Paasha Mani, Pasha Mani, Paasha Jaal

Paasha Mani, Pasha Mani, Paasha Jaal

Paasha Mani, Pasha Mani, Paasha Jaal

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Stone Cut:
Difficult Find: $927 USD  |  Rare Find: $1176 USD

Rare Natural Mani:
Small: $1309  |  Medium: $1909  |  Large: $2436

Paasha Jaal | Pasha Jaal | Pasha | Paasha

Benefits of paasha jaal | pasha jaal | pasha | paasha

  • Reversal of black magic & sends it back
  • Enhancement & activation of intuition energy
  • Pasha jaal makes a protective protective aura around you
  • Neutralizes the bad effects of tantra
  • Helps in motivating
  • Luckmagnet
  • Safety from enemies
  • Emotional stability& strength
  • Helps in spiritual awakening
  • Activation of consciousness
  • Intuitive energy
  • Opening & activation of third eye
  • Calms anger
  • Focused mind
  • Soul enlightenment
  • Activated positive energies
  • Opening & activation of crown & root chakras
  • Maintaingood aura around the wearer
  • Balancing mind
  • Clairvoyance
  • Detoxify the body
  • Curesvarious diseases like insulin regulation, diabetes, lung issues, pneumonia, lung diseases, skin infections

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