Morogul Mani

Morogul Mani


Price: $113
Morogul Mani 10.48 ct


Price: $236
Morogul Mani 56.75 ct


Price: $259
Morogul Mani 78.15 ct

Murugul Mani

  • Good income & cash flow
  • Activating strong intuition powers
  • Very powerful
  • Wealthy and riches
  • Growth in business & its expansion
  • Heals personal relations
  • Growth in career
  • For Mood Swings
  • For emotional imbalance & emotional instability
  • For Water related issues like- digestion, skin problems, etc

Note: All our products are Activated, Energized, Pran-pratishtha & Shudhi done as per Our Vedas. Proper Sarvarthsidhi is done and then the product is delivered to the customer. All the products on our website are completely safe and natural. Proper instructions on how to use the product will be the provided to the customer.

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