Love Mani

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Love n Vashikaran Hyptonism Talisman 02
(High Power) Love & Vashikaran Hyptonism Talisman Highly Effective for Attracting Opposite Sex

(High Power) Love & Vashikaran Hyptonism Talisman Highly Effective for Attracting Opposite Sex

Love Stone 4.30 Ct

Love Stone 4.50 Ct

Love Stone 4.75 Ct

Love Stone 7.95 Ct

Love Stone 14.00 Ct (Very High Powered Gem)

Vashikaran Sammohan Mani 3.55 Ct

Vashikaran Sammohan Mani 4.00 Ct

“SOLD” – Vashikaran Sammohan Mani 4.70 Ct

Vashikaran Sammohan Mani 5.90 Ct

Vashikaran Sammohan Mani 6.60 Ct

Benefits of Love Stone | Love Mani | Attraction Stone | Sammohan Stone | Vashikaran Stone For affairs in love

  • For attracting opposite sextowards you
  • For mass vashikaran
  • Helps in getting partner(Desired)
  • Forfinding back love which is lost
  • Activation of love life
  • Activation of sex life
  • Making opposite sexmad about you & make him/her fall in love with you
  • Helps ingetting back to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend
  • Intense lovewith your current partner – wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend
  • Vashikaran & sammohan
  • For Multiple partners(can be programed)
  • Improves lovesex life
  • Natural way toattract opposite sex
  • Imposes vashikaran powers

Types of  Love Mani

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Types available: 

  • High power
  • Low power
  • Mass vashikaran for all

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