What is Siyar Singhi?


siyar singhi

There is a bunch of hair on the top of the nose of Siyar Singi Siyar; Actually, there is no horn or a horn of some cats, but these hair gradually grow and become stiff and starts appearing like a seengh. For this reason, it is called Siyar Singhi. Siyar singi is of only one of thousands of ciaries, that is, we can say it is very rare. Siyaar Singi is a very miraculous and positive energy provider, or a very strong vaporization. Its worship is achieved by achieving desired fruits and accomplishments. The person who proves it becomes the master of boundless accomplishments, its methods are extremely simple and provide fruitful results.



To do sadhana, take two pairs of Siyar Singhi and take it on the day of Dhanteras and put them in a red sindhhor and place it on a secluded place and start worshiping in the night. For this you should wash yourself by wearing a red garment or cloth and using specific aasana. Purify the Gidar singi with gangaajal and burning the mustard oil lamp, offer rice, cloves (5 sachet) and small cardamom (5 pieces) and enchant twenty-one hundred mantras. At the end of completing 2100 mantras, make a small havan kund and give 21 ahutis. In this way you have to do sadhana continuously till the night of Diwali and after worship, chant 11000 mantras in front of Gidar Singhi. your wish will be fulfilled.Mantra: Om Chamundaye Namah

Gidar Singhi


If you are going from any work and you have to make someone friendly and fall in love, keep the Siyar singi in a box made of copper or silver. It should contain five whole cloves, five whole cardamoms, put the piece of camphor and close the box. After this, whenever you want to fulfill your point of work, you should keep that box in your pocket and open the box and take the name of that person and chant the mantras 21 times. And that person will come in your control and fulfill your every desire.

Shabar Mantra Usage Method-

With the help of Shabar Mantra, we can make anybody friendly to us. The mind of lovers can be changed, they can be persuaded to marry or if there is a very powerful mantra, if any person in the family is in the wrong path then by using this mantra, his mind can be changed, husband and wife or any member of the family can be overcome.

Siyar Singi Method-

If you want to be in control of any person, then get up early on the morning, after bathing, take a steel plate by wearing red clothes and write the name of that woman or man in Kumkum in the plate. If the picture is available, at that time, place the picture on that plate; Keep the singhi on it, add saffron tilak to the siyar singi and rice and apply flowers and add perfume/itr. Chant mantras 21 times, worshiping for fulfillment of wishes. This needs to be done for you 21 days. After 21 days the person will be friendly to you, fall for you and it will fulfill all your wishes.


1- If the male fills maang of his wife or a female with the vermillion and singhi, and the woman uses the organic natural sindor to fill her demand, then her man will always remain under her control.

2- If any person is suffering from constipation or anger, then you should use the rice with Siyar singi, all his obstacles will end.

3- Urad grains used with Siyar singi, which are thrown on the door of any house, the person and that house members can never be inhabited, i.e. that person’s house and the progress of that house stops. It can end peace and harmony of that ouse.

4- If a person has to work in his own way and then do whatever he wants to do, then the person who is feeding the small cardamom used in Siyar Singhi will come under his control.

5- All the wishes of the person who keeps the Geedar singi are fulfilled and the positive powers reside in his house.

6- Any person who keeps it, then his business flourishes or he/she establishes him in business area, his business and job always keeps on growing and growing. Lots of progress will be there.

7- If there is a condition or anticipation of death in the horoscope of a person, i.e. death of a person is near or is seen in near future, then the person should always keep the Siyaar Singhi with him, it is beneficial and can save him from death.

The use of Siyar Sigi Vashikaran is very strong, which can also be identified immediately and its benefits are also of many types. Any work can be done using Siyar Singi. If any seeker wants to use it to make life a success, then contact and make any work successful.