what is hatha jodi


When gems stop working / when the gem reduces its effect, then tantric goods are used for fortune enhancement / safety. Like Hatha Jodi . Hatha Jodi is an impressive tantric object, it comes out from the heavy woods of the grass in a very old forest (the hand of a hand tied with a fist).

When a person does not find any means / way in life, then by placing it in worship on the night of Deepawali, keeping it near you helps in getting the means.According to the Tantriks, the hatha pair proved to be the night of Deepawali, protecting the seeker with life-long crises, obstacles, upper air, or bad tantric effect done by anybody.

Hata Jodi

Hatha Jori in the system of science holds a special place. This is considered to be the nature of Mother Mahakali and Kamakhya Devi. Even if it looks like a bird’s paw or man’s hands, in fact it is the root of a plant. The Hata Jodi pair is a rare and a strange thing that is used in tantric experiments. This is the root of a type of vegetation, but it is considered rare, because it is not easily accessible.

The shape of this root is in the form of two connected hands, hence it has been called the Hathaa Jodi. The Hath Jodi pair is used in removing problems coming in marriage, married life, in business growth, money acquisition etc. It is forbidden to touch women; It touches the power of touching women. It is written in the arms. It is purified with the clove, cardamom, googal, silver etc. in a silver container in red vermilion.

Hatha Jodi is in the shape of the fingers of the human being. There are two claws in it and the fingers are clearly visible. The claw is shaped like this, just as a fist is tied. This root has special significance in astrological measures. This plant is especially found in the forest areas of Madhya Pradesh, a state in India, the Indian Sub-continent. Typically tribals sell this root and decide hatha jodi price.

According to the Jyotishcharya Pandits, this root is very miraculous and can make a poor man rich and earn big money. With the effect of this root, the issues related to the lawsuit, enemy conflict, poverty can be overcome. Vashikaran is also done from this root and can also get rid of obstacles like ghosts and evil spirits.

Hata Jori

It is the root of a wild plant

Hatha Jodi Root – This is a very powerful and effective object, it is the root of a wild plant. The miraculous things like this were not seen in today’s case to solve lawsuits, enemy conflicts, oppression, and rare etc. There is no fear of vashikaran too, there is no fear of ghost, etc. If it is proven by the Tantric method, then the seeker will be pleased with the grace of Chamunda Devi. It has success with everybody who has it, it has proved to be very miraculous to give wealth and money, it is important in tantric products. Its plants are often found in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Hatha jodi is very effective and powerful thing, it is the root of a wild plant. Vashikaran also has amazing power in its miracle suit, the Shatru conflict, the elimination of poverty and the rare diseases in which it has not been seen till today.

There are wonderful healing effects in the Haatha Jodi. It is a demonstration of Shakyamavati, whoever has it, it will be amazingly effective, hypnotism, vashikaran, adaptation, is very useful in security. After worshiping the mantra, place it in a silver box with cardamom and basil leaves. It gives money benefits. Hatha Jodi is also used in a musical instrument and with its influence, victory in the Shutra suppression and succession.

If you are facing financial difficulties, you should take steps to improve your financial condition, if you work hard and earnestly earn money. For this, bring Hatha Jori home on any Saturday or Tuesday. Tie it in red color cloth and put it in a safe place or safe in the house. This will increase the income and the expenditure of the money will be reduced. Keeping a pair of sandals in the vault increases economic benefits.

In Nepal, it is known by the local people as deformed and birva in India. It is a very rare vegetation and in Amarkantak of Madhya Pradesh in India, in the border areas of Jharkhand, in the forests near the staircase of heaven in Uttarakhand and in many places in Nepal.


When you get a Hatha JODI, take it out and put it in a clean bowl, add so much sesame oil to it, that the hotha jodi should be completely wet, and if the oil is ready, then add oil again, by doing so, Keep it in the same bowl until it has to be used. And on the day it is supposed to be used (usually starting from Friday), remove it from the oil and apply vermilion on it and offer the remaining oil on the tree of Peepal, if there is no sesame oil, you can also use Sarson oil.

After this, take a silver box and fill it with the vermillion and put the Haatha Jori in it and keep the box closed. In the morning, after bathing, carefully after purifying the place with the Ganga water or cow urine near the temple of your house, take a red cloth, open the canister and keep it on red cloth. And if you want to worship for money, then Mata Lakshmi is the lord. If you want for a married life / for a job / want education, then enchant the mantra 108 times from the mantras instructions given to you.

Use of Hatha Jodi for victory in the Court Cases

There is a wonderful effect in the Hatha jodi. It is a samutan of Chamunda Devi. Anyone who has it will be amazingly impressive. Hypnotism, ablution, adaptation, are very useful. Haata Jodi The Hatha Jori, which is used with a mantra, and with its influence, victory over enemy oppression and triumph can be achieved.

If you are facing financial difficulties, you should take measures to improve your financial situation, if you work hard and earnestly earn money. For this, take the Hatha jodi home on any Saturday or Tuesday. Tie it in a red cloth and put it in a safe place in the house or in the vault. This will increase the income and the expenditure of the money will be reduced.

Keeping a vermillion-handicap pair in the vault begins to increase financial benefits. Hatha joda is a root. After worshiping Gayatri Mantra, place it in a silver box with cardamom and basil leaves. From this, there is a lot of money. Use this mantra-Om Kili Kili Swaha

Hatha Jodi is proven to be used by this method

First of all energise the Hatha jodi with this mantra-Kili Kili Swaha.

It is best to worship it on Navratri, therefore it should be made available before Navratri. In these auspicious days and auspicious yoga, take a bath with pure water. Purify the lamps by giving them a diya. In a box, keep it with vermilion, camphor and cloves. In this way, this mantra will be called a cognate Siddha Hatha jodi. Keeping a vermillion-handicap pair in the vault begins to increase economic and financial benefits.


Before Holi, the Hatha jodi will be brought to the house. On the day of Holi, one should take a bath with a holy water in the best muhurta on the Holi. Chant the mantras. After this, immerse the root in the spleen oil for two weeks.

Take the root after two weeks. After chanting Gayatri Mantra and worshipping the root, close it with cardamom and basil leaves in a silver box and keep the money in the house. There is a wealth advantage on doing this. Due to sacrament by bathing with panchamrita in Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, worship it by doing 12500 chanting of the mool mantras.

Method: Make sure to purify 12500 chanting of the mool mantra by performing a bath from Panchamrta in Ravi Pushya Nakshatra. Chant with the posture facing north and chant it with red sandalwood. Set up the idol or image of the front and end of Chakreshwari and Bhairav baba. And worship them. Bhairav’s worship is to be done by oil and vermilion and red flowers and worship of Chakreshwari is worshiped in an elegant way.

Nowadays many people will have a hatha jodi, but if we do not energize it then how can we get benefits too. So today we are putting light on the method before all of you, whoever of you have a pair of hutha jodi will become completely siddh and chaitanya. Then if you do any experiment on this, then your use will be fruitful.

On receipt of the Hatha jodi, it is first given oil. For this, you must first put a hammer pair in the vessel, then after water, milk – curd-ghee – honey – sugar can be purified by water and after wiping it with a clean clot, keep it in the bowl and fill much oil of sesame so that the pair can be completely submerged in it. Carefully place it in a place where there is no tampering.

After a few days of intervals, observe it. If the oil gets reduced, then fill the oil in that vessel again! I have seen that the Hatha jodi absorbs oil. When the hotha godhi stops taking oil then take it out! After that, fill the vermillion in the silver container and keep it in it!

On the night of Basant Panchami, Mahashivaratri or Holi Combustion, sit on the red cloth seat and make 250 grams of uneclared pomegranate on it. Place a silver box on it. Picture of Mata Lakshmi sould also be placed there. And water should be kept near it. After performing the guru worship, the smell of the Hatha pair – offering a pair of cloves by worshiping the Akshat – Red flower – and worshiping the sun, request for happiness. After this, chant the following mantra with the red sandal of the garland!

mantra -“Hatha Jodi is the most glorious Kamangari, the beloved beloved, the Raj-Praja all Mohangari Sevatha Pave Saburnarari, Kesar from Karpur, I worship, give the force of the enemy to you extinguished, make sure that you give me the mandate, keep my words, keep hatha jodi mata dhhai, keep My point is, Sawai, the power of my devotional Guru, God bless me.”

After completion of chanting, do the aarti of Mata Lakshmi. Then take the prasad! When the lamp cools down, then fold the box with floral saffron and cloves into a handkerchief of red cloth and keep it safe in your vault – or in the cupboard! Put the picture of Mata Lakshmi in the place of worship, pick up Akshat with red cloth which was laid on the checkpoint and donate to a Brahmin. By doing so, Hatha Jodi becomes an ecstatic supplement for you.

Other uses of Hatha Jodi:

If you keep on interacting with any person, he will listen to it.Whatever you have to do under the name, if you chant with the name, then the person will be subdued by its influence. One can feel continuous fearlessness in all actions. After energization, put it in a silver box along with the vermillion.

Hathazodi is also known as tax jodi signage, in Urdu it is called ‘Bakhoor i Mary’. In Iran, it is known as ‘Chobha Ushan’, in Latin it is called Cyclamen Parsim.

It is the medicine of the forest. For some time now in India it has been found to be like medicine. The leaves of this medicine are green and it is also seen that the bottom part of these leaves will have a white colored layer and on this white part there are soft hair like growth. On top of this, a flower like a rose is found. On the other hand, the blue color also appears in the flower. The yield is in the shade of a tree and in the moist soil, and the color is black.

The construction work is natural. The workers make the powder by grinding it and the aliens feeding the person to any particular person in any way, the effect of this powdered effect is that the person gets dizzy. It starts to feel like thirsty and even starts gambling. In this way they start saying that the ghost has come or there is a shadow. But there will be nothing but its addiction remains in the same way as if no tobacco is eaten and it is fed with tobacco flaw. Then for some time the forehead will rotate and it will be fine after that.

Go to the well on the night of Holi and make a statue of a Ganeshji by digging some soil. Sprinkle it with vermilion and worship it all night long. Immerse yourself in the morning after the aarti. With this, money is soon benefited from the experiment.

For ease of delivery, in rural areas, it is rubbed with the sandalwood and being squeezed on the navel’s nose, so that the child gets comfortable.It is also used to get an abortion, but the symptoms of it are very bad like getting a patient – hysteria etc. When the urine stops, it is possible to rub it with water and apply it on the pelvic urine.

If you have constipation in the stomach, then it will get away with water and it stops at the stomach. For menstruation, it is made of powdered pots and in the vagina pure and clean menstruation takes place, but for this purpose it is necessary to seek the help of any qualified doctor or physician.

Hathazodi powder is very useful for jaundice, it is very useful for jaundice patients to get rid of it. The water of the sweat will start coming out, sweat gets very much yellow. After some time, the sweat should be cleaned with towel.

Those who are frozen, they use Hathazodi in the experiment. They can add halthajodi powder with mercury. In the desired form, the mercury is made into chutney and the juice is being mixed in lemon juice. The mercury becomes hard. But if the mercury and the hotha jodi are real, then it is possible.

There is a miraculous power of hypnosis, abduction, security and prosperity. Traveling, dispute, competition, interview, war zone etc. can be healed by this root. It protects the society and gives victory to it. There is no fear of ghosts, exotic spirits, things proved to be very miraculous and authentic in wealth. A silver coin or a Nepali rupee should be kept with the Hathazodi. Daily worship-darshan is very beneficial. Holi, Deepavali Navaratri can be used for chanting with Mool Mantra.